Sorry Doc, My Face Is All Swelled, Im Not As Cute As I Usually Am

When I became The unconditional sacrifice to the Steel nightmare of the road, I was twelve, Earlier that morning I just downloaded the burning crusade Expansion pack my father recently purchased for me, so i went to school, my mother complained about me wearing the sweater i was wearing, which that one had my lunch money left in it so i put on a new one, ignored the Money until i was at my bus stop, i forgot it, I ran out and then BAM, The car hit me, I was airborne, I hit the road on my shoulders(which they ended up easily fractured at the end of the month) And then the impact made my face it the road, I fractured my Orbital bone, I was skidding on my right side with my shirt lifted up causing road rash, and i rolled to my right side mid skid, Kept moving and thats when I awoken, I was up and Running home, just calling for my mother, I entered the house with MOM I GOT HIT BY A CAR ten seconds the Girl who hit me followed Apologizing repeatedly, I cared little about that, I checked myself, I was good, then there was a conversation with an old male and a mid 40s female, Both really angry, If I wasn't' injured i would've said SHUT THE **** UP.  But i spoke saying "I'm not that badly injured, I can walk, lemme check my ribs I'm sure those aren't fractured" I told the girl that hit me that I didn't look both ways, So i Rode to the hospital in the car, I was Okay

At the hospital i Repeated to the doctor what i wrote in the title,  It appeared that i had a minimal Fracture in my orbital bone, So minimal that i did not require any form of surgery. I was Calm a lot calmer than my mother, the nurse told me that i was so calm I'd make an excellent Doctor, I was too calm, The triage nurse was shocked that my blood pressure was at normal rates.

this was all a true story.
Oh Did I mention, I felt no pain, just fear, No pain the next morning I went to school as I would the next monday

Zachy3621 Zachy3621
13-15, M
Feb 16, 2010