It Was A Week After My Sweet Sixteen

it was august 28th, i remember waking up to a sunny day and having my clothes i picked out the other night laying on my chair. it was the 2nd day of school and a week after my sweet sixteen. A week before, August 19th, i celebrated my 16th (finally!) with my closest girlfriends, we ate out, had a sleepover and of course snuck out to meet with boys. i never thought that a week from that i would be hit by a car.

Okay in Canada, school started earlier for us- oddly. usually school started in Sept but this year it started on august, anyways, i woke up and i was pretty late, knowing i was going to miss my bus, i hated running for the bus so i decided to cut my morning shorter, i didn't eat breakfast, showered quickly and did my hair and makeup in a new record time and said bye to my mom and brother . because i was wearing a dress, i started speed walking, i kept trying to tell my body to move faster because my friend texted me earlier and said the bus is gonna be early today, i freaked out. i remember reaching the crosswalk, i looked left and right several times, few cars stopped at opposite directions and it was pretty much safe to start walking, little did i know a speeding car came by and hit me

i don't remember being hit because i was in and out unconsciousness, but according to several witnesses the idiot was speeding at 65mph on a 50mph lane, he didn't see until the last possible second and he tried to swerve but it was just too late. i remember though lying on the ground with people i recognized from my neighborhood, one of them told me not to move because i;ve been hit, i remember not being able to move my legs. i was scared and i thought i was dead.

injuries i sustained were pretty severe. i had fractured my pelvis and left hip, i had broke my c4 and c3 located on my neck (had to wear a neck brace for 2-3 months) i had temporary nerve damage on my left leg (couldn't move it for 2 weeks), i had ruptured my kidney, spleen and liver, tons of road rash because i was wearing a dress and i has serious head trauma ( i had 2 blodclots on my frontal lobe). according to my mom i almost passed the day after the accident because of my bloodclot.

i was at hospital for almost 3 weeks, i had tons of friends and family come visit me, i will never forget the face i saw on my dad when he was first alerted about my accident, i have never seen my dad so sad and cry before, so it made me very emotional, my ma's reaction literally almost killed me and my brother and sister who just couldn't believe it.

its been almost half a year, and my sister told me about this site, and how it can be kind of therapeutically for me to let out my emotions. i have post traumatic stress and now i still cant cross a single crosswalk without having the **** less look on my face. but i hope one day i will conquer my fears.

The support from my family and friends had made me soooooooo grateful of life. i'm also thinking on making difference and trying to get lights in every crosswalk that is needed. everyday i always hear that someone had been hit by a car- most of them fatal. i'm just so lucky to be alive, and its a chance for me to do something about it!

god bless and be safe.


P.S the guy who hit me also went to the hospital beccause he was so traumatized about what had happen, he has tried to contact me but i'm not ready. he is 60 years old. one day i will forgive him, but for right now i'm not ready to face him.

Lombolol18 Lombolol18
18-21, F
Mar 3, 2010