Living A Life Of Fear

I worked day and nite in Iraq. One day my unit was driving we hit a roadside bomb. After that we were under fire I was injured severly where I had to be rescured . Thy scared me
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I'm sorry for what you went through. I can understand that it still may affect you...<br />
Thank you for sharing your story! =)

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I'm out now hurts

I'm sorry to hear that your were hurt dear, I hope everything turns out ok for you.

Hey, you've walked a tough road. And you're still on it. I mean, when you came back, you will have noticed that you're still on that road because everyone else seems to be apart from you, because they didn't share your path. It can be hard to relate. But it can change. You just need to walk it through, and you'll find you're increasingly able to connect with the rest of life. Not in that naive, shallow way that people around you do - no, you'll always have a depth about you that those who didn't walk a path like yours can sense in you.

I'm so very glad you got out of there with your life, I can't imagine the things that you have seen and done. I just hope you have people around you that you can lean on and who love you. Please get some help to deal with all that you are going through, you are in my thoughts.