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Almost Tempted

I was 26, he was retired from RV sales. He had a few extra investments stashed somewhere. He had a nice home, ride, and a nice fishin boat he prposed to take me out in. I found all this out in a coarse of weekends that I'd see him in our local bar playing pool. (He wasn't a bad pool shot either! ) First night he was a bit "happy" and talking to everyone, including me. After that night, he'd seek me out to talk, in the weeks to come. Seriously, he was a fine feller for a 'retiree'. Good looks, great sense of humor, stable and secure in life. And lookin for some companionship. Wanted someone to go fishing at 5 in the morning and stay till sunset! I also suspected he eventually wanted to dip his pole in more than the local lake! I ALLLLMOST took him up on that offer. But I didn't. Sometimes I wonder what if I had. Sometimes me and my friend laugh about it. Sometimes I get pensive over it. Sometimes those What Ifs and Almosts can choke ya if you think about them too long...
emerald emerald 36-40, F 3 Responses Jun 6, 2011

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ROFLMBO, SUnshine! YOu really know how to keep things in perspective! ;D Besides, I figure I'll be there ANYWAYS one day with my ol' man now! And the difference is, who's butt you care for the most to bother with the diapering deed! ;P

keepin in mind you might be changin his diapers right about now.. that might help your sometimes. lolz

Is that a pensive 'sometimes', Erzzy, or a humorous sometimes?? DO tell!