But wasn't interested. He was a bit older than I usually like, and did not look good, plus he was dirty.

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It's the same for me. Personality and emotional connection are huge things for me - I don't have an issue with age, but I have a really big problem with people who lack grace, empathy and a sense of humour.<br />
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It might have been an upbringing issue - men don't have a wonderful reputation for enlightened thinking where I live.

That's cool... I'm not too worried about emotional connection, but I'm what you might call screwed up. You are right, though, there is something to be said for a certain degree of social grace.

I was accosted by a male prune with no social skills of any identifiable kind. I suppose he may have deliberately tried to troll me, of course. He told me how gorgeous I was, manipulated my hand in a vigorous effort to stir the non-existent embers of my lust. He was a disgusting, coarse little weasel with no empathy whatsoever and less charm.<br />
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The topping on our little tryst was when he suggested that I'd make good money as a prostitute. He was quite ernest.<br />
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The real irony here is that I'm lesbian. I've had boyfriends, amongst whom was a sweet and cute english graduate - 6'1, gorgeous long hair, gothic looks, body like a cat in human form and the stamina (and, um, hardware) of a race horse. He was brilliant in bed.<br />
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I left for a variety of reasons, but one of them was that I'd never really love him in the way he deserved and I'd always be yearning after other women.<br />
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So, what possessed my octogenarian Lothario I will truly never know. <br />
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Maybe it was Alzheimers?

Rudeness is a huge turn-off for me... Unless it's my special someone being sexually pushy, then I love it. :) I don't know about Alzheimer's... Perhaps his folks just never taught him how to act?

you have to watch out for us old guys!!

This guy was 65, and I've known a few guys that age I'd love to get with... He just wasn't one of them (he might have even had a chance if he'd bothered to shower).