Lady, You're Asking For Trouble...

There is this lady that works at the store near my house.  Her son owns the store and lets her work the register sometimes so she won't get bored.  She is 68 years old, divorced for 16 years and interested in me.
She doesn't look bad at all and she keeps herself in excellent shape.  
Every time I come into the store and she is there she has to touch me.  She will purposely come from behind the counter and grab my hand or arm.  She said she is attracted to tall men and I happen to be 6'5".  
She likes to ask me if I think she is nice looking.  When I bring my purchases to the counter she usually just puts them in a bag without ringing them up.  She loves getting cheeky with me.  She once picked a pack of condoms from behind the counter and placed them in my bag.  She made a show of it.  She stood on her tiptoes running her fingers over the packs until she stops at the Magnum XL condoms and says, I think these should do just fine, what time should I come...over?
I told her that I was attached and she said not to me...yet.  I told her that she was asking for trouble and if I was not attached hell yeah I'd go at it with her.
She said she would keep hope alive that I'd be single one day so she could sample me.

RagingSkillet RagingSkillet
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2 Responses May 1, 2012

Lmmfao. too funny


Oh dear god, not sweet little Ms. Alice. LOL. She hit on me too dude. Except I would not "hit" that. Don't do it Poke!!! For godsakes don't do it!!!

Bill, If I wasn't in a relationship I would hit it, sorry.