Skeevy Old Man

I have never publicly admitted this story.  But, in the off chance I might help other young men and women through a similar situation, I will take one of the team.

I was 18 years old.  My best friend and I took our first "adult" vacation and traveled to Florida.  To save money, my grandfather and his wife (who I refuse to call my grandmother because she's a homewrecking, miserable *****) invited us to stay with them. 

Now, they live in one of those senior citizen communities where all the houses look exactly the same and they share a community pool and every weekend have a neighborhood cook out.  Well, one day, my friend and I spent the afternoon at the pool.  We did a little swimming, a little relaxing.  It was peaceful.  We had the place to ourselves.  Until he showed up.

He was one of my grandfather's neighbors.  One of those bigger men who didn't care about letting his belly show.  Wearing swim shorts and not much else.  He had a few gold chains around his neck, which really was a great turn on for us.  *Eye roll*  We got out of the swimming pool as soon as he hit the water.

That didn't stop him.

He walked over to us while we sat in lounge chairs in the shade.  He sat down next to me and just started up a conversation.  Only after he found out I was there visiting my grandfather did he ask if I wanted to have dinner.  I was stunned.  And totally skeeved out.  I said, "no, I'm here visiting my grandfather" and he then asked if I wanted to have breakfast with him!!!!!  WTF?!? 

So, here I am, in the most uncomfortable situation of my young life and my best friend, MY BEST FRIEND, is sitting on the other side of me holding in her intense laughter.  I glance over at her, begging for help with only my eyes and I can see her shaking and getting red from holding that laughter in.  

After he pushed a little more, I told him "no" again and that I was leaving the next morning and had to spend my last night with him.  He vocalized his disappointment and finally walked away.

To this day, I haven't forgiven my friend. 


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A lot of senior citizens still think they are young.Then again,some where (sick mentally) in their younger days,and never grew up.HOW SAD FOR THEM.

Sshhh....I can't let that secret out.

You were just playing hard to get. What a tease! LMAO.

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<br />
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GOD.....<br />
<br />
I think I'm gonna be sick.

yet this is probably the person who got your mom the pot and the bottle of wine at that passion party