Stuck In A Rut For Too Long

My husband and I have been bouncing from home to home since about 3 years ago. We'll get lucky enough for someone to take us in. Then we'll look for jobs, but then luck out, get kicked out, and have to find somewhere else. It has been like this for too long! After my sister-in-law kicked us out, we slept behind the grocery store or on the playground at the park. We couldn't get to any shelters since where we were living at the time, they were all in the city and we were in a retirement community. Eventually my husband's mother gave us train tickets and sent us out of state. We were going from chilly nights to holy crap cold nights! Then we started sleeping under a car garage ramp. And around this time of year and with how cold it gets, the shelters have waiting lists. Not to mention all the shelters want to split us up because we don't have kids. Eventually my husband told me to call my mom to see if she can help or at least help me. She took me in but told my husband to stay homeless. So, I helped my husband as much as I can, bringing him clean clothes and food. But last week, his belongings got stolen while he was at a local library to keep warm. He had a camp set up in the woods and there was nothing felt. All that he has left are a few shirts, his important papers, a coat, his prepaid phone, and a game to keep him occupied. He managed to find another spot, but the fact that my husband is homeless and there's really nothing I can do about it, that's what bothers me the most! Unfortunately, there's no St. Vincent in town or otherwise we'd go there since the St. Vincent church in my sister-in-law's town had helped us previously.
AlbinoLapineRedQueen AlbinoLapineRedQueen
22-25, F
Nov 25, 2012