For a year and a half. I was a bad drug addict and I was 17/18 and I was living with my sister and I ran away from her and her husbands house. All I had was my bookbag filled with some clothes, makeup, my diary and my sketch book and art supplies. I was off my meds and out of my mind manic depressive. I was a juggalette at that time and thought they were my friends. No one took me in. For awhile I slept in the graveyard, in a mausoleum, under the bridge, in the park, I would couch hop, etc. I did the homeless bath in public restrooms, you know wash the essential's and brush your teeth and do makeup in there. I would beg for money with my juggalo 'friends' and my breakfast, lunch, and dinner was off the dollar menu at McDonalds. Then I moved in with my now ex in a motel and was still basically homeless, doing drugs non stop in there, going to the mall to get more high and hangout with friends, selling drugs for him, walking to and from towns just to get high and do my court ordered community service. I dropped out of school when I became homeless and heavy into drugs. I finally got away from that evil man and moved back in with my mom. I got sober and now I have my own home now with my fiancé and we have a Rottweiler :)
UnstableSammi UnstableSammi
22-25, F
Aug 20, 2014