My Friend Finally Wet Herself!

I followed advice, and got my friend to wet her pants. 
I won't use our real names.

   We went to the park together, I knew there were no bathrooms or trees, and I made my friend drink A TON!  She drank a LOT of water before we left, and I was ready for this day!  We walked to the park, it was FAR, so our mom drove us, and said she'd be back in 3 hours, In the back seat  already, I could see on her face, she had a slight urge to pee.   "C'mon, lets swing".  I said, and we went ahead to the swings.  She swung for a long time, and then I made a joke about this boy she likes.  She started laughing sooo hard, and grabbed her crotch.  Already!?!? I thought.  "I...I...  GOTTAA PEE!!"  She yelled as she was laughing.  I told her to stop laughing.  She did. 
   "Abs, I just peed my pants a little bit."  She said
    "I don't see anything."  I said. 
    "Yeah, but i really have to go now."  She said. 
     "No bathrooms here."  I said.
    She got a panicked look on her face.  She looked for a tree, no trees.  Bushes, too many people.  Woods, no woods. She was getting so panicked.  Looked for water bottles or cans, nothing. 
    "Abbie, what am I going to do?" She asked me.
    "I don't know."  I said.
  Now her and I aren't best friends, so she wouldn't be comfortable enough around me to like, wet herself, on purpose because we just met at school and just started hanging out a little bit ago.  
was happy now.     she was going to pee her pants, and I got to watch her soak herself!  How great!
    "Abbie, I feel like I am going to...."  She got a shy look. "Pee, myself."  She finished.
    I told her she could just wet herself, and I would say that it was my fault, I spilled my water on her.  She agreed, so we walked to an area with no people.  She looked at me, and then she grabbed her crotch really quick and stood there.  She told me she couldn't do it.  I said, would If I do it?  And she agreed.  We walked way into this deserted field I knew about, and then, I stood there.   "Me first?"  I asked. "yes." she said.  She was standing there holding her crotch.   
  I stood still, relaxing, until I felt really warm.  She looked at me "Ooh..." What?  I didn't know what that meant.  But when I peed, her eyes got bigger, and she held herself tighter.  Then, she said "Ooh god.  I don't wanoo."  

Finish it later! :)
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