My Girlfriends Sister Made Me Perform Naked For Her Friends

This all happened back in the late 60s.
My girlfriends sister was about 14, and we were 16. Her sister allowed me to take nude photos of her, but afterwards changed her mind. She made me give her the negatives, then kept them as blackmail. Her being a minor, I thought I would get in really big trouble because I was older and over 16.
At first it was just taking her places, to the mall, movies, etc, but whatever she wanted. Later on, she got the idea of making me her slave. Again, at first it was just waiting on her at her house, etc. Later she started requiring me to be bare chested. Then in just my underwear. Eventually, I was kept totally naked while waiting on her, bringing her soda, changing the movie, snacks, etc.
After awhile, she would have me doing exercises while naked so she could watch my penis flopping around and being young, it would get hard. She was young and inexperianced and didn't know much of anything about sex. She would make me get hard, but would never let me ******. I was forced to ********** in front of her just to the point of coming, but then stopped. If I didn't stop in time, the next time would be worse.
Sometime later, after she tired of my performances, one weekend she decided to invite some friends to watch movies with her. Her friends were her age or younger. They all knew about getting pregnant from *****, so they had the idea to tie off the end of my penis with a silk tie from a robe. That way none of the girls had any chance of getting any ***** on them. Again, at first, I just had to wait on them bringing them drinks and snacks while they watched movies. After they got tired of the movie, which wasn't long at all, I was brought in front of them and made to do jumping jacks and other exercises that caused my erect penis to really fly around. They made me rub myself till I was close to orgasming, then made me stop and tied my hands behind my back and to a doorknob. Then they took turns pulling on my ****, teasing my testicles, and lightly brushing across my nipples. Remember these girls were 14, 14, 13, and the youngest was 12. One girl had a younger brother so she had seen a boys penis before, but the others were seeing and touching for the first time.
I was almost crying, begging to come. Then suddenly they all quit touching my penis and only teased other parts of my body. My girlfriend was made to remove her top and expose her little breasts to me and rub them across my chest which only made things worse. I had been kept on the edge for hours and just the thought of someone touching my penis was almost enough to make me come. Then they left me alone for about 15 minutes. They came back and told me I could ********** if I let them watch, but I had to do it outside in the garage. I needed to come really bad so I agreed and they led me outside naked. They stood around me in a circle and made fun of me, but they were all watching very closely too. When I came, they all laughed, and immediately ran inside the house locking me outside naked. After another 1/2 hour, just before their parents were expected home, they threw my clothes out the front window so I had to go get them to get dressed and leave.
I think they realised they had gone too far, and this was never repeated.
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Wow. Is this something you continue to think about? Looking back would you change anything?