The first time I remeber was about 4 or 5. My mother would tell me I was lazy and disgusting and that "normal girls your age don't do this!" "Look at your brother! He doesn't do this!" "Do you want to be a baby?!" She made me wear good night's when I was about 6to8 but when I got to big for them she made me wear depends with the tabs saying "this was for acting like a baby" and have plastic liners on my mattress. She would talk about it with family members in front of me; about "I just don't know what to do with her! It's like she's doing it on purpose." She'd force me to have sleep overs and made sure EVERYONE KNEW I had my pull ups on that way it would get around to school as well. I wasn't until I went to live with my dad when I was 11 and was taken to a specialist I discovered it wasn't my fault that it was unconscious and that I had an underdeveloped bladder. I grew out of it the next year. My mother still brings it up and tries to embarrass me. She even brought it up to my boyfriend now fiance when he first came to visit. I'm still too embarrassed to talk about it out loud I'm 23 now
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I feel for you. My mother did similar to me. The only thing pull-ups were not around when I was growing up. I had my nose rubbed in my wet bed, had a baby cloth nappy pined on me and then she pointed her finger at me and laughed at me calling me a
baby and then got my older + younger brother to do the same. Hence I still wet and I am nearly 50(in May) She still makes a big deal about it today.

***** slap for her. She seems abusive. She deserves it.

Mlle Blossom,

Such great advice. A person comes, and shares her pain from having a parent who is abusive to her, and you give flippant advice. Thank you so much.
On behalf of all helpless people, still stuggling with painful issues, and impossible parents, I virtually ***** SLAP you, for treating her pain as a joke.
I am not even sure what that means, to ***** slap, but you should get that.
I Know what it is to be this helpless. It is not a simple matter of changing one's mind. It is somat that stays with one for a long long time. I can tell my Da is still not comfortablein his own skin, as he never told me about his same issue that lasted into his early twenties, and I can only hope I will similarly grow out of it.
Think of the people you advise as real people, with real people. If that doesn't work for you, then pretend it is you, and your actual mum. Would you be able to take your own advice.
If you say yes to that, I know you are as callous as you are callow, vapid, and vacuous.

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...I think
The title you want for me
Is Monsieur

O la. I saw the blossom, but missed the very clear, not at all obfuscated, M. I do feel foolish. Pardon, Mssr.
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I understand. I'm 18, and still have to deal with sleepwetting. I haven't been talking too much about the emotional abuse. I still live with my family, and they always make sure I n know what an Inconvenience I am.
I still have the undeveloped body, so I have to wear diapers to bed, or on a long drive, or flight. It's not my fault. I don't want to wet when I sleep. When I fall asleep, it's like my "whole body is also taking a snooze." That was my doctor, who finally told me, and everyone in my family, It's not my fault!