Teased About My Penis - 100% True

True story

Up until I started in secondary school at the age of 11 I'd never really given much thought to how my penis compared with the other guys, apart from the odd 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine' when i was 6 or 7. But that all changed the day of our first games lesson when not only did we have to change together, but we also had to shower naked together afterwards.

Our school was pretty old and the shower block was no exception. It was like a very narrow corridor with ten shower heads on either side. Our games lessons brought together several classes of boys so there was about thirty of us all needing to use twenty showers together, hence quite a few of us ended up next to each other using the same head. This wasn't a great problem as it gave us all the opportunity to glance at each others packages without it looking too obvious. The narrowness of the shower block also meant that every time you bent over your bum would come into contact with the boy behind.

I was pretty happy that my penis seemed about average in length and thickness but the problems started a few weeks in, when I found myself sharing a shower with one of the guys (John) who took great delight in others discomfort. After five minutes or so he started to laugh and called over his mates telling them to come and check out my penis. I had no idea what he was going on about until he commented that my penis was deformed because I had no foreskin. I looked around and sure enough I appeared to be the only one out of the thirty of us to have been circumcised.

This brought wails of laughter from the other lads who all gathered around to look at my penis, some even flicking it with their fingers. This wasn't the sort of attention I'd always dreamed about my penis receiving so rather than becoming erect it seemed to have the opposite reaction of shrinking back.

I was relieved when the shower was over and I could retreat to dry off and get some clothes on, but this wasn't the end of my humiliation. As soon as we got to our next class John couldn't wait to tell his girlfriend and her friends. Pretty soon all the girls in the class knew and had started calling me snippy and asking to see it - obviously I refused.

I thought that the teasing would die down but if anything it got worse over the coming weeks with all the girls in my year finding out and ridiculing me. A few kept up the call for me to show them but I steadfastly refused until the lunchtime when I had no alternative.

I was chilling with my mates on the school field when John and his girlfriend appeared, flanked by two other lads and about half a dozen girls. john said his girlfriend wanted to see my sore **** but I just told him to **** off as I wasn't going to be getting it out for anyone. That was the signal for John and his mates to pounce on me with him ending up sat on my chest pinning my arms while his mates had hold of my legs.

I wasn't proud so I started pleading with them to stop but the girls were egging him on, so he turned and undid my belt and trousers and told his mates to pull them off. I could see where it was going so doubled my efforts to wriggle free but was helpless as John asked his girlfriend if she wanted to be the one to unveil me. Everyone was laughing as she stepped forward and slipped her fingers under my waistband then as I closed my eyes with embarrassment I felt them getting yanked down to my knees.

A couple of the girls screamed but most were laughing at my predicament then john asked if that was it or would anyone like to have a feel. noone came forward so he said we'll maybe leave that for next time then got up from my chest and walked slowly away with his gang.

Fortunately there never was a next time!

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that's odd. but here in America it's more common to be circumcised. unfortunately I am. my wife and I are planning to have children soon. I've already discussed it with her, were not circumcising our children!

When I was at school I hated my penis with a passion and couldn't understand why my parents would do such a thing to me. But I soon grew to be comfortable with it and am even confident enough now to visit nudist beaches on holiday. It would be fun to have a foreskin to play with though!

What's a secondary school

I guess it\'s the same as a high school- from age 11 to 16


That's a good story. As I said it was in the school showers that my schoolmates found out about me but they didn't make a big thing of it

Happy I never had to put up with any of that crap but I did get a few looks in the showers as I was one of the few boys in school that had a foreskin.

Did John grow up to be a mass murderer? Or just a politician?

I'm cut too and love circumcised ****, but of course most American men are circumcised.