I Was Humiliated In High School

I went to an all girls school and was bullied and humiliated by girls there. It was one of the most darkest periods of my life. At home I was constantly taunted and emotionally abused by my father.

I was severely depressed and hated myself. My home life was so bad and we (my mum and siblings) never had any money so we were quite poor and couldn't buy anything. Of course girls didn't see that. They just saw someone who was a complete loser.

I still have nightmares and feel that shame and embarrassment and the anxiety that comes with it.

Yes. The memories still haunt me. Yes I still feel anxious at times.  Yes, I still have  irrational thoughts that they are still doing those same thing.  BUT **** those disgusting ******* and everyone who let me down then-Iam now happily married now and have moved on with my life.
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1 Response Apr 25, 2013

Mostly everyone gets bullied :c an unfortunately these days it's getting worse. I was bullied in 6 grade and the whole class was against my friend not me. They said she was talking **** but it wasn't true, I knew if I stood with her I wud also get bullied, but I did because I knew who she was an I believed her so for the rest of the year the whole class bullied us both very badly to the point where she left the school. Imagine what happend when I was there alone. About 2 weeks after she left they started talking to me and became friends. Now they apologize the truth behind it is that I will never truly forgive them, I don't know how I hate them for it. I can DEFINITLY relate, I am so happy u stayed so strong. Congratulations on your marriage wish u the best.