Exposed Naked In Public

One time when I was a teenager I wore my mother's bikini to an outside public pool.

It came loose and one of my breasts were exposed and I didnt know!

So my brothers pointed it out and waved so I waved and well didnt know I was exposed.

Then some lady and creepy old guy were staring at me!

Well that was humiliating. But that isnt even the worst.

Mom saw me and came over.  She growled at me and turned me around. She undid it completely and made me stand there with both breasts exposed while she made sure it was tied just perfectly in the back.

I pointed out others would see me.

She just growled that no one would see me. (Never mind the fact it was outside and near a park and very public.)

So there I stood with my breasts exposed in public all humiliated.

One would think she would have wrapped me in a towel and comforted me, rebuked my brothers, and took me back to the camper.

One would think anyway...

Oh far as the bikni goes...I did ask her for permission and she let me borrow it.

Has anyone else ever been humiliated by a parent?


JesusistheTickler JesusistheTickler
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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

i was in a rush as a boy to go out with my friends i got dressed with out under wear cos it was hot so i went out and played well my mum was a stricked woman and always wanted me dressed proper like so when she saw i had no underwear on she had a go and said that if i wanted to let ppl see up my shorts why wear shorts at all and took them off me so their i was in the street nothing on infount of the whole street

Yes! A very long time ago when I was a boy scout, my mother told the scout master - in a very loud voice - that I could not go on an overnight campout because I wet the bed. Every parent and boy scout heard my mother. I was humiliated beyond belief.