Looked Like a Drug Deal

A number of years ago, I was living in Tennessee with my husband (I'll call Mike) and two small children. We had left the children with Mike's parents while we went to a UT football game. After the game, on our way home we had car trouble so we parked the car on the shoulder of the road and began the long walk to find a pay phone to call for assistance. Unfortunately, when we finally found a phone it was out of service.

We decided since it was a beautiful night, and we were about ten miles from his parents house, situated up in the Smoky Mountains, we'd just walk. We were both in good shape and thought the brisk ten mile walk would be great exercise. Most of our walking was on a main road, which at that late hour was deserted. When we were about three miles from home, we crossed the highway and walked the back roads which led us past a large river and thick trees. As we rounded a bend in the road, there were two cars sitting side by side, facing opposite directions. The driver in one car appeared to be giving something to the driver of the other car, when they turned and looked at us. Something about the way they looked at us made me suddenly terrified. I had a jacket on with the hood up and I hoped they didn't notice me as I quickly tried to hide my long hair by pushing it into my hood. The moon was shining brightly, too brightly, and I didn't think there was any way I could hide the fact that I was a woman; if they threatened us, we were unarmed and virtually defenseless. Mike and I tried to act unconcerned as we passed the vehicles, keeping up a quiet, though animated conversation, as if we had no concerns. I started to feel much relieved as we continued down the road until, when we were about 100 yards away, I heard one of the cars coming up slowly behind us. It continued to follow us for what seemed an eternity, but more likely was only a minute or two. Finally the car pulled up beside us, and with several men laughing in the car, the driver asked if we needed a ride. Mike was closer to the car and casually thanked them, but said we just lived up the road and were only taking a quick evening stroll. The car dropped back behind us and continued to follow us, then revving the engine, raced around us on up the road. Again I felt immense relief, until I saw the speeding car do a 180° turn and come flying down the road right at us! We jumped into the trees and started running through the thick woods. The car came back, slowly past where we had gone into the trees. Then raced up the road again. We were afraid to go out to the road, so we ran for a distance in the trees, using the river as our guide. Then, unbelievably, we heard the car coming back again, and this time they had a bright light of some kind that they were using to hunt for us. We laid down on the ground, afraid to move a muscle until they had once again driven past us. Then we ran as fast as we could the rest of the way home. We crossed the road and instead of walking up the winding road to Mike's parents house we went through the thick trees again, just in case we needed the cover, and sure enough, as we were about halfway up the hill, we saw the car driving slowly back our way. They were still shining the light looking into the trees on the other side of the road where we had been hiding only a few minutes earlier. A couple men had gotten out of the car and were searching through the trees, unknowingly going in the opposite direction from where we now stood, hidden by the trees. Quietly we slipped through the trees, up to the back of his parents house and went inside to safety where Mike's parents and our children lay sleeping, oblivious to the terror we had experienced.

I'll never know what those men were doing that night, what Mike and I interrupted. My guess is that we interrupted a drug deal. Whatever it was, without a doubt they were evil men that meant to harm us that night as they hunted for us along that deserted stretch of road in rural Tennessee.    

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Woah... That is a mighty good story