She Lied Compulsivly And Wrecked My Life

I am 30 years old, have lots of Health issues such as Pectas Excavatum and deformed hands. I have never been what you call a looker, and find attracting the opposite sex hard.


I had one relationship which ended badly, a long distance one with a girl from Germany who dumped me by text message. I turned heavily to a worsening drug habit to deal with it, along with my Alcohol problems at the time, and eventually got over it, even though my drug use was spirralling out of control.....I was addicted to Ecstacy Pills and Cocaine at the time.

I am a Musician, so i tried to bury myself in my Music, the people i called friends were not even helping. They were encouraging me to take drugs and drink because i was happy while doing it, even though i knew it was wrong to do and Drugs killed some good friends of mine.




Kim found me on Myspace, we chatted a bit and got along well. She was beautiful, funny, and i fell for her like a ton of bricks. I even made her children happy. At first she came clean, told me she was in a bad marrage and her husband lived seperately to her in another state and slept with scores of women.

I was besotted, we talked on myspace and MSN for about 8 hours a day, talking of what we wanted in life, then she told me hoshe felt and we began dating. Her daughter even asked me over the phone if i would marry her mom.......I did propose.

I flew to the usa in December 2008 to be with them all for a month, shared my first sexual encounter with Kim and fell in love with the usa totally.

I planned to move into her place, all live  family, finally i had what i wanted from life....someone to love, someone to love me, she helped with my music, bought me guitars, recording programs for my home studio, clothes, everything........and i gave her LOVE.


after i visited again in summer 2009, i noticed a few things, She was iddicted to the SPP game , always flirting with men online, lots of her stories and expeiriences didnt add up........Telling me she dated and even had a child with a huge Seattle rock star, claiming to have written a book when she cannot spell or write sentences well, etc.....i also sensed she was seeing someone else online.


I asked her sister what was true and what wasnt......turns out she was a party girl who did not own hair salons, have a baby with Kurt Cobain (she had it with a boyfriend who she ended up dumping the child on and was taken to court.......her own mother denied this to me and she testified AGAINST her in court!!!


There were too many lies to list, I was devastated, I confronted Kim about it all, and she flew into a rage blaming everyone but herself, I wend ried suicide, didnt want to live without her, but it was over......she had, in effect, killed me.

My health got worse and the self harming and suicide attempts mounted up.

She lied to her friends about me, claiming me as a bad guy, when all i did was love her.

I am still not over her, it will take some time, but i have one true friend who has taken my mind off Kim.......but i know i will never truly love another woman again, as i dont wanna be hurt again

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Jonny ~ The guts of what I have written here is someone elses words, but I have changed them to fit how I feel about you.<br />
<br />
I am NOT your only friend. More people care for you than you realise (just me more than most! LOL) <br />
<br />
So, here it is my wonderful friend ....<br />
<br />
When I call you beautiful, I am not looking at your face, except maybe for your eyes. I am not admiring your new hair colour, your body, your clothes, or how 'perfect' you are. I am not admiring your skill with music, your contacts, or how generous and selfless you are.<br />
<br />
When I call you beautiful, it is because your soul shining through is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It is because I have seen your heart. It is because you move me in profound and majestic ways owing NOTHING to how you came out looking in this lifetime.<br />
<br />
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I behold TRUE beauty when I see you, my wonderful friend.<br />
<br />
Your 'imperfections' make you all the more perfect in my eyes<br />
<br />
Your friend ALWAYS ~ Lady C

This is an abridged version as the whole story would take too long to write, but you can get the idea

its so sad...she sounds like a big lier n cheater..u know wat i think u are not being much self confident..u need to think about urself in a total diferent can u lov smone who obviusly..didnt lov u .....first u shud learn to lov urself......learn to respect urself.....n as for her i think she realized u had a low self esteem so she didnt care to respect u much......the bit about her writing books ..made me laff