Keith Was Over Our House Scabbing As Usual Making Snide Comments

keith thinks he is a bit of a funny man.

he has this way of magnating ar se hol es with his rather satanic narly little nature

anyway, he sat on the floor like a guru

smerking and making fun of Dianas death and funeral 

I was upset naturally... 

I thought it was more than a bit distasteful of him to be making some much fun at the time of her death

but keith was like that .... some people love that kind of thing - I found it a sad paradox and insult. 

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1 Response May 7, 2012

keith is like that he will make fun of movies .. I heard him making fun of a movie with their cheap props and <br />
<br />
then he was always good at making fun of innocent people who were just trying their best to get through life... everything was a snicker and scoff to keith ....