What Do I Do

is borderline personality. she ended our relationship "out of the blue" and around the same time was diagnosed. that was six months ago. i love her. i was hard - the push and pull and alot of it. however i love her. she now has completely eliminated me from her life. is there anything i can do? she doesn't answer when i call or email. i've thought about dropping by to see her - but i don't know how she will react to that. what do i do? i realize much of what happened is because of her illness...i want to be there with her and for her. she has climbed back into the "cave" she has spent so much of her life in.
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46-50, F
1 Response Jun 9, 2007

I am in your In shoes now and I wish there was something I could do as well. If you have received any answers please let me know