My 22 Year Old Son's Motorcycle Accident

August 1st 2009 my son Kyle was leaving our home on a motorcycle. When I seen him pull out of the drive there was a bright light all around me and the world went int o slow motion as I watched him pull out onto the road. I knew that he was going to have a wreck, I went calm and told his girl frien to put the grand babies in her car and I grabbed my pager, purse, bunker bag, and fire dept radio and went to the fron door. When I opened it a neighbor was there looking for my husband which was 1 mile down the road at her house.. I yelled for him to get out of my was and he would not move so I told him to  TELL EM WHERE MY SON WAS AT!!! he said a mile and half from my house ... I pushed past him and took off I called my husband and told him Kyle had wrecked the motorcycle so as I went around the corner him and my son n law pulle dout then Kyle's girlfriend was in front of my when we went around the next corner there was my son in the highway I gof on our fire dept radio and screamed this is car 25 ( me) with nob hill fire dept and car 22 (my husband) and car 30 ( my son n law) id on site and it is our son.. See my son n law handed the medical suplies off to my husband while he worked the injuries and I had to dispatch every thing.. Kyle was bad he had layed the motorcycle over and as soon as he started going down a F250 came up on him with nowhere to go so he was hit head on // Kyle's head hit the front bumper then his entire right side and crushed when the front and back tires ran him over.. When finally the rest of our Nob Hill guys got there they took over for us and tha tis when it hit us just how bad Kyle really was and we did not know if he would even live to the hospital.. Praise God he did make it.. there is so much more to tell but I have never delt with any of this and it is going to take time for me to be able to say all of the story but I have needed to find a place I can open up and be able to talk to tohers and deal with the past year,, so many surgeries, 3 months in the hospital, braces, blind for some time, kidneys had sut down for some time, 84 unites of blood products in the first 24 hours, 5 wound vacs, but he is alive I keep telling my self and finally last week I had told Kyle about me knowing he was going to have this wreck before and as it happened.. it was hard and emotional but when Kyle was born he was totally dead, and God brought him back, I loved and raised him for 22 years and 1 day away from 4 months and God wanted to call him home  and when the dr's said we are minute to minute now while he was in ICU I told God " Lord you had him when he was born and you gave him back to me and here we are again I know you can have him but Lord I am not ready to loose him" then Kyle started getting better ,, yes it was BABY STEPS but I know in my heart if I  had told God that he could not have him then he would have proved that he could have called him home.. The reason I know this is because I have know ALL of Kyle's life that he would be in a life or death accident and that would be how I lost my baby, I have told my husband and other children for years that this is how we will loose Kyle but I NEVER told him untill last week.. It was hard to tell him but I had to .. He needed to know that God is here and he does listen each and every day we just have to trust and stand on his word...


marcynanas marcynanas
36-40, F
Jul 22, 2010