My Car Accident by Roseanne

On March 1st i was on my way to worki was changeing my radio i hears like peeling out sound i look up and saw a white car on the other side of the highway spinning around it crossed over the medium and hit me head on i had a my mom who had passed aways 1984 honda with no airbags there was nowhere i could go ilooked to my right and there was a school bus so i just had to let it hit me i also go hit from behind i broke my neck my sternum rt shoulder smashed a disk in my lower back it was crazy but i never blacked out i had what they called a hangmans fracture and wore a halo for six months oh i also got a double herina from the seatbelt my stomach turned black ive had 5 operation because of this accident and am now disabled i thank
god i can walk and talk i have to deal with bad heachs from my neck and real bad back pain ive had to back operations which dident help iam thankful to still be hee but 10 years onhave taken a toll on my body i thank God for my family and friends, sometimes i get tierd of the painand now iaam dealing with the sideaffects from all but i keep on going and do the best i can.
roseanneayala roseanneayala
51-55, F
Jul 23, 2010