Highway T-bone

Ok. So me and two buddies just rolled some nice handrolled cigarettes (just tobacco). We set out to cruize around and enjoy  these fine tobacco treats. That's about as good as it gets. We are on the highway, going about 55mph. The light ahead is green, and has been for near a minute. Boom. As I pass through the intersection, some ****** runs the red from my left. I t-bone them without even touching the breaks.

I wake up to "Oh my god! The cars on fire!". The airbag had knocked me out. ****. There are fumes and weird liquids everywhere. I look around. No one is in the car but me. I unbuckle myself and try to get out of the car. My door is jammed. People are still screaming. I crawl out the passenger side. An off duty nurse that saw the accident helps me out and has me lie in a certain way, so if I have neck damage, I won't make it worse. I don't want to lie down because all I can think about is beating the **** out of the other driver. I see him. All he has is a bloody nose... we all were rushed to the hospital via ambulance. All bystanders were amazed that any of us lived. They thought we were all dead for sure. I love Honda Civics now.
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4 Responses Oct 21, 2006

I was in a similar situation and was in a Honda Accord... Yes Honda's are great!! saved my life too.. :)

What a blessing you are here to tell this story. It is not cool to run red lights! This is what can happen! So glad you are ok.

god bless

Thank god you survived...