Close Call

I was 19 at the time. Me and my friends were drinking and smoking weed at my buddies place. For whatever reason and our complete utter stupidity we go for a drive. One of my friends who was driving took his moms brand new Volkswagon Jetta. He was only 17, still did not have his liscence.

I was supposed to sit in the back seat, but my other friend decided to go with the other guy that was driving his own car. So I we're driving in the suburbs at a decent speed. I have to not that the area we were in has very winding roads. He started driving faster and faster. I was drunk as hell and just told him to go faster and faster and like f uck yea!!! I feel the car swirve over a bank. The car rolled 6 times. I remember just flashes of what it was like when the car was rolling. Was kinda like a roller coaster ride but much more intense. The whirlwind stopped. We were upside down with dirt and glass all over us. We just looked at each other and laughed, I said "wholly f uckig sh it man that was FUN" My other friend wasn't even waring a seat belt, he was really big guy though so i think the steering whEEL was hold him up. We got out of a car, not even a single minute scratch, I mean NOTHING...WTF???? O.o.....I look at the back end of the car. Basically the whole back window had some type of small tree through it however that happened i do not know. Whole window was completely smashed in. The back of the car was basically squashed all the way to the back of the seats. The car looked like a f ucking accordion. I mean, i was supposed to sit in that back seat, my friend just changed his mind at the LAST second...So we took off in my other friends car. Got pulled over by the police...such and such, had to make a statement. I could have died very easily but i was spared......i'm not scared and worry about it and tell myself OMG i could have died...I'm not dead, I just move on with life...
MrJungleMonkey MrJungleMonkey
31-35, M
Apr 16, 2011