Damn Bus

okay i was on my way to pick up my friend to go to school. i was on a two way street and i see this big yellow bus inching to cross the street. i saw him look right and me and i thougth he wasnt ganna go. he did. thankfully i hit his wheel. right before i hit it i swore i was ganna die. i woke up from being passed out and i see the bus driver knocking on my window. when he sees that i was awake, he turns around and walks away and starts limping. the first thought that came into my head was "o heeeellllll no he aint limping". lol. i got out of the car and mde sure i was okay. i remembered i needed to call some one. the prob was that my phone was in my car and i saw something leaking. i knew that if something was leaking that the car about to blow up. i didnt kno waht it was. i was scared that the minute i get into the car to get my phone, itll blow up. i DOVE into my car and jumped back out. to make a long story short, i called my friend and i called my parents and the cops got here.

the results were i totalled me first car in which i had for about a month.

Dreamer1387 Dreamer1387
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What happened to the bus driver? At least you get a new car since it is his fault right

yep, that's about how long my civic lasted, a month or two lol. was the driver of the bus actually hurt? I can't see a car hitting a bus messing up a bus drivers leg...