My Car Accident

Sometimes I wake up real early in the morning and I run out of cigs and a soda, and when that happens I usually drive up to the BP gas station that is not even a mile away from my house to get a pack of cigs and a drink. Well that is what happened on the day of my car accident. On April 19, 2006 I headed out to the BP, I had gotten there fine got what I needed and headed back home and I made it home safely. When I went to get out of my car I couldn't find the pack of cigs I had just bought with my last $5, so I figured I must of drop them in the parking lot at the BP. I get back into my car to head back to the BP.                                                  

There's three traffic lights I have to go through. The third light I was in the left turning signal lane. I made my turn and I was behind this person in a red car. How the road is that I turn on it starts off in a single lane and then it goes in two lanes the right lane you keep going straight the left lane is a turning lane and there is a traffic light. Well where the BP entrance is it is before the light but your OK because your in the left turning lane just not all the way up to light so people can still go around you. Well the car in front of me looked like he wasn't sure which lane he wanted to be in so I actually stopped to see where he was going and he went up to the light in the left turning lane. Opposite traffic is coming up over a hill and it is one lane of traffic. I must have sat and waited to turn for like about 1 minuet I looked and I swear to god I saw no one coming up that hill.                                                           

I started going into my turn and out of the corner of my eye I saw something white. I turned my head completely to the right and this big white company van was coming right at me:BOOM!!! He hit me in my passenger side I remember screaming and my car spun in about circle and it just keep going. The rear view mirror flew off and hit me on my forehead so when something hits you duck and that is what I did I ducked just as the airbag came out. I am short so my face and my upper chest got impact of airbag...and my knees got smashed into the dashboard. Next thing I knew something was spraying all over me blood and chemicals. The inside of the car was smoking so bad and I could smell the smell of fire and I thought to myself I better shut my car off in case it might catch on fire. I look down at gear shifter in the middle console part...I wasn't even in Drive I was in Neutral! That is how hard this guy hit me! I put the gear into Park and I turned the car off. I was wearing my seat belt and I was thinking I pray to God that the other driver is OK. I got out of my car I couldn't stand my knees where hurting so bad and my back and my neck too. I fell to the ground having a hard time breathing from the airbag impact. I looked at the van he was so far away from me it was like he threw me 4 car lengths down the road he was coming up on!!! The man that hit me never came over to me and ask me if I was OK!!! He just got on his cell and called 911. I don't remember the ambulance coming or the ride I blacked out.                                  

I woke up and I was still on the board thing the ambulance people put you on, but I was in a hospital bed. My head was killing me  and my knees and my back were too. A nurse came in and told me I had a mild concussion. i had bruises on my face and chest from the airbag impact and a gash on my forehead from the rear view mirror I had to get stitches for that. She gave me a shot for my pain. She told me I fractured a rib and my knees may need surgery. All I could think of is where is Charlie (my bf of 4yrs)? He then walked into my room with his mom.                                     

 I will never forget the look on his face he looked scared and nervous he didn't rush to me like they do in movies...he looked shocked. I told him I love him and then he came over and kissed me and hugged me and held me for a long time. I was shocked his mom came because me and her are just civil towards each other because my boyfriend is a mamas boy, but she even looked really concerned for me. My car was a black1995 Pontiac Grand Am Se it was totaled. My accident also happened two weeks befor my 21 Bday!  

Everything under the hood was crushed past the firewall. I got nothing for the lost of my car b/c I only had liability and they had put the accident as both fault since I was making a left hand turn and he had the right away but he was at fault for speeding because the speed limit was only 25 and it was like a 60 mph hit.  What makes me so mad is I had gotten home safely if it wasn't for dropping that damn pack of cigs the accident would have never happened!!! I am still not recovered from my accident health wise and I still don't have a new car.....LIFE SUCKS!!!!

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I just shared this story of my experience of being in a car accident because yes I think it is a bit ridiculous of me needing cigarettes so badly and then I have the unfortunate luck of ending up in a terrible car accident... but then again I don't need to be lectured or chastise a car accident can happen to anyone at any unexpected moment you never know what will happen everytime you get in your car and drive... you just can't forswear it especially when you are doing everything right and being a safe driver

It was nearly a decade ago when cars and cigarettes went hand in hand for me and I had a liking for the smoky stuff: both cars and cigarettes. I had this 93 BMW which I really sped along in and mates from college always accompanied me. To save money, I used to buy second hand parts from which I realised that would come very handy later on.
A fine day we found ourselves parked up a tree all because my 'then' best buddy gave me a heady concoction with the JD we were having. Nothing major happened to us, but the car was a goner. Me too had a liability but we still restored the car and sold it for good. I have quit the smokes and the drink and thank God for ending everything well.

This sounds like a horrible story. You're lucky you're still alive and didn't have a permanent spinal cord injury that left you paralyzed for life.

I thank God every day I can still walk it may sound crazy but I believe my guardian angel made that rear view mirror hit me in the head so I ducked BC the doctor said if I stayed sitting straight up I would have been more at risk for a spinal injury... idk it just my opinion on it

So, damn... you must have been really wanting a smoke by then, huh?<br />
Or did that experience cause you to quit?<br />
<br />
I don't know why those quit smoking commercials give me the urge to grab a smoke but so does this story. That sucks.<br />
<br />
But seriously, consider yourself lucky. Imagine if you had done nothing to contribute to that accident and you were left with a spinal injury for life? That is what sucks.

I no longer smoke thanks to this accident.... but an accident can happen to anyone at any time u never know

Oh dear, not only are cigs wrecking your lungs, but now they are after your car and your knees! So you didn't get a penny from insurance? Bummer. Insurance paid for my car, but my mom used the money to buy herself a new car, instead of replace mine...