I Never Saw The Turtles That Day

We had only been on the highway 30 minutes. Heading to the Aquarium, it was storming and raining pretty hard. We had already hydroplaned a little, but then got back on track and pumped up to see the fish. It was me, my sorority sister Sydney, and her boyfriend, the driver, Randy. He was driving a Dodge Durango, a fairly strong vehicle that has made it through mud, slippery river rocks and fire. But a little puddle caused us to have one of the worst accidents of our lives. Right before the puddle was an overpass above the highway. We hydroplaned and swerved left first, and then right. We drove into the ditch and up onto the hill holding the bridge in place, smashed the entire right side of the Durango into the bridge, crushing us like paper. We then went up on two wheels and rolled once down the hill, slid across the highway, spun around once and landed in the ditch again facing the direction we were coming from. As soon as we stopped, I immediately began shouting "get out of the car!". My door was so beat up, I couldn't open it. So I crawled out of the window. All the glass was missing from the right side of the car. All the windows were gone and the roof was pressed in. The back passenger's seat door was crumbled up like a giant squashed it with his hand. I'm lucky to be alive. The paramedics showed up an hour after the crash. But during that hour a local off-duty paramedic was taking care of me. I was the worst one out of the crash. The ambulance had to take me to the ER under critical condition. I was bleeding from the top of my head, above my eyebrow, all over my face from minor cuts, and my upper lip which I split. I was also bleeding majorly from my chest. Above my left breast I had a severe wound which glass had cut deep inside. My right thumb was also split open pretty bad. When I arrived at the ER, they cleaned me off, did xrays and CT scans, as well as blood, urine and eye tests. While they were reading my chart to one of the doctors that the paramedic wrote, I overheard them say I had a seizure while waiting for the ambulance. I sort of remember it- I just thought I blacked out. After all the tests were ran and I was put in my own room, I received stitches in my thumb, and chest. They glued my eyebrow shut, and bandaged up my wrist that had a cut. My face has a bunch of cuts, some bigger than others. It's also swollen and sore. I have throbbing pressure in my head which will soon hopefully go away. I was released with a minor concussion and some major cuts and lacerations. This all happened Monday, March 19th, 2012. I am writing you from my bed, still very sore. My birthday was March 20th, or yesterday. I'm thankful to be alive, I know that God was with me. Sydney and Randy left the hospital two hours after arriving. They did not have any major injuries. I however did not get to leave until 8 hours later. I'm thankful they are okay. Please learn from my experience. Do NOT drive while it's raining that hard. You could end up like me.
Hazel11 Hazel11
18-21, F
Mar 21, 2012