Right After High School Graduation

I was in a pretty bad  wreck actually ... My bf at the time  was driving and went through a redlight on accident  we were in a mazda king cab  truck and this bonneville basically went under us  and tipped the truck on its side .. my face went with the pavement ... the truck was totalled  chris didnt get a scratch on home ... I on the hand had to have stiches in my forehead and behind my ear ( isnt that weird ) And my face had road rash up one side and my teeth front tooth and two others had to be capped ...( and the dentist who did the work did a horrible Job . )  My dad  had me sue the insurance company because they didnt think i should get any thing paid for because i wasnt  wearing a seatbelt ... But i got a  very good settlement out of it ... I really wish i still had some of the money from it ...but i dont .. I can still see at times the scar from the road rash on my face ...But anyways thats my experience with wrecks
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
Apr 2, 2007