Getting Hit By Somebody Unexpected

About 25 years my life took a unexpected turn I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be in a car accident. My MOM & her lady friends usually go grocery shopping on FRIDAY nights since nobody in my family drives these ladies are kind enough to take my MOM to store. Usually I am out with my GIRLFRIEND on FRIDAYS but that FRIDAY she was out  with her PARENTS I was going to  just stay at home instead my MOM asked me come along so I went with them little did I know that FRIDAY night would forever change my life. My MOM wanted to try a new grocery store that just opened so instead of her usual store we went to this new store east  instead of west from our home the western store is 20 minutes from our house the eastern is 2 1/2 hours away it was a mega store similar to what WALMART is now WALMART didn't come in our town til 8 years ago the only big name store 25 years ago was KROGER'S and a store by the name of MARTINS. So we went to this mega store turns out it was a big KROGER'S. My MOM and friends were talking I wasn't talking much because I missed MY GIRLFRIEND now this was when cell phones were big & expensive & Citizen Band (  C B )   Radios were still popular they were  the " in thing " to have in your car they were cheep you could buy one a 50 channel one for around $ 50.00 bucks . Anyway were driving along my MOMS lady friend starts taking a left hand turn to go about a 1/2 block from the store when out of it seemed nowhere a car blows a red light & BAM !! it hits us spinning us around & facing the direction back where we just came from. A police car just passed us heard the crash turned around & came back to see if anyone was hurt  I was the only one hurt I was sitting the back seat behind the driver the  car was hit on it RIGHT QUARTER PANEL MOM somehow with her left hand gives me a karate chop to the bridge of my nose. I found out after going to the ER & getting x rays I bones in my bridge of my nose chipped the bones had to be surgically removed as we waited for the ambulance to take me to the hospital I was bleeding heavy  the cop starts talking to the driver who hit this cop realizes he knows the guy he is a off duty STATE POLICE OFFICER  he tells the CITY POLICE OFFICER he's drunk I hear this & tell nobody til my MOMS lady friend takes him to court to pay for damages to her car . I tell in court what happened  & what I  heard him say to the CITY POLICE OFFICER  my story was the same as what the CITY POLICE OFFICER HEARD from the off DUTY STATE POLICE OFFICER stating  he was drunk it turns out this STATE POLICE OFFICER had 15 DUI'S  THIS WAS HIS 16TH & final one his license was revoked for life thrown in jail for  25 years after his insurance paid  our lawyers the court fees all my medical bills including the ambulance, damages to the car  paying all of for emotional duress his insurance dropped him like a hot potato. The reason that FRIDAY night would forever change my life is after that car accident  I can not  breath through my nose at all. Before the accident I never had sinus problems my face swells up real bad it hurts so bad I have to stay in bed for  a couple of days sometimes a week. I  don't  know weather he ever got out or not  all I do know is that  I now have this sinus problem for life  thanks to A OFF DUTY STATE POLICE OFFICER WHO WAS DRUNK  : ( .
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By the way in this accident we were all wearing our seat belts we were lucky we did otherwise I could have flown through the windshield.