Deer Crossing

I was on my way home from my boyfriend's house one night when I was seventeen. It was almost 12:45 a.m. and there is a curfew law of 1 a.m. for anyone under 18 driving. So I am trying to make it back to my house and I just a mile from town and doing about 65 or 70 when I see this huge buck. I see it begin to leap and I think "this isn't really happening" and then it's blank for a few minutes. The next thing I remember I have the car in park and the ignition turned off. My airbag is beginning to deflate and I notice that my windshield is busted all to hell. I am stopped on the highway still completely in my lane (and when I check out the black marks from my tires later I realize I did not swerve one bit) so I turn on my hazard lights. I open up my door and three is the deer beside my car. I carefully step out and I am like "Oh my god" thinking it is dead. Then it kicked me. Let me tell you deer hooves are friggin sharp! It cut my leg, not bad, but that started the whole freak out session. I suddenly was crying and screaming for someone to help me. I have woods on both sides of me and our area is not heavily travelled at night. I walk up the road some to the closest house. I guess they heard me calling out because the owner pops out the door in his underwear with a shotgun. I guess I was a sight with two swollen lips and blood running down my chin (thank you airbag) and tears streaming down my face. He let me come inside and use the phone then walked with me back to my car to see if the deer was still alive. It was but barely. He dragged it off the side of the road while we waited for my ride to come get me. That is when I noticed that there was an antler sticking out of my windshield! My car looked like it had been driven into a brick wall. The next day I could barely walk. I guess I tensed up on impact and that kind of jarred my whole body. It was a 14 point buck that I hit, huge deer, my uncle teased me about taking down the prize deer just a few days before deer season opened.
peacelovinghippiegirl peacelovinghippiegirl
18-21, F
Apr 17, 2007