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Nearly Fatal

It was right after I turned 16 and got my permit. My parents got me a Hyundai Elantra for my birthday, my dad owns a car dealership. I have been driving nearly my whole life but my mom wanted to go out for a nice Sunday drive and seeing as how I could drive legally now, she took me out.
We were out on some back roads near a lake, I live in a rural area, and were coming down a hill, in front of me was a Plymouth Neon and behind me was a Dodge Ram hauling a full size speed boat. While heading down the pretty steep hill, the car in front of me pulled off the road spotting a new car they wanted to buy on the lawn of a house. I was planning on passing him when I noticed a Jeep Wrangler coming down the road on the other side, preventing me from passing. My mom told me to come to a complete stop as the car in front of me was really taking their time to get off the road completely, but I decided to just tap my brakes and slow down a little, and luckily for both my mother and I, I did.
As I hit the brakes all I hear is the sudden sound of someone else's brakes screeching, piercing the air, shortly followed by my head being flung against the back of the seat, same for my mother. My neck was throbbing but I kept a hold of the car and guided it to the side of the road as best as I could. After I successfully did, I managed to escape my vehicle and inspect the damage, the back of my car caved in to the back. My sister was also suppose to come with us but decided to stay back last minute, thankfully. My mom, who is really injury prone, could barely move her neck and was quickly on the phone with 911, again thankfully still fine.
It turned out the truck's brake lines blew, or so he says, there's was no brake fluid on the road, clearly signs that he just wasn't paying attention. He didn't even bother to wait to see if we were both okay, he just gave us his card of the company he was working for and left saying he had to bring the boat a few towns over and was in a hurry.
Well after the officer showed up, he informed us just how lucky we were, saying if I had gone a few mph's slower that the weight of the truck on such a steep hill would have carried him over us, more than likely crushing us to death. Amazing how such small things could alter one's life.
In the end I just had a bad case of whiplash while my mother ended up needing surgery on her three of her cervical disks to repair them fully. We also did receive a small sum of cash in return for our injuries after the case was settled outside of court.
Kneth55 Kneth55 22-25, M Jun 18, 2012

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