Unbeleavable People...

I drove up to my gated community when two guys in a work truck stood by the box. They appeared to not be able to get in. So I gave my son the remote and we opened the gate. Speed limit posted is 15mph. They passed the first street...the next is mine when they turn at the second street and come to a complete stop. I came to a slow stop. My house is the second on the left and when I decided to back up and I looked behind me when they gunned the vehicle back into me. I react enough to slam on my horn but we were hit really hard. My hood is like a V where he went fast enough to ride up my vehicle.
He got out and apologized as I retrieved my info. I was in shock! I could see my dog barking in my open window...I asked if my son was okay and then the second guy approached. I got out of my vehicle. He explained he went down the wrong street and was backing up. I must have been in his blind spot. The passenger of his car was talking and they both said again as I parroted in unison with them the blind spot theory. They had huge tanks for insecticide and hose rail on the back. I asked for the drivers info and he said that he don't have his license on him.
He was working one street over and would call me with the info in 10-15 min..his family owned the business and will take care of everything. He apologized again. My stupidity is that I believed him. He said it more than three times. It will be taken care of.
He left the complex and never called me..i chased the truck...but I had called the card he gave me because his "info" was not on it. No name like he said plus he said his name was Mike when he came to my window. I found later it was Matthew.
The father said I hit him as he backed out of the driveway of my neighbor to turn around...untrue.
It was a long conversation which ended with his bulldog of a mother.
I went to make a delayed incident report as my insurance stated...I called them after the accident when the mother delayed giving the info and name of her son.
The cop had to tell them he will issue a warrant for arrest if they didn't call him back that evening.
I called there insurance directly after the info was relayed.
The story changed by them.
I contacted a lawyer.
Now third week from date of accident...I find out that they cancelled the policy 4 hrs after the accident...had a new policy because they wanted more coverage!!
They are still investigating this.
Yet my vehicle sits and waits and I go to have my injuries managed.
Anyone with advice? (I left out so much)
Jools9 Jools9
41-45, F
Jun 21, 2012