A Question About Settlement Money

Beware, this is a long backstory.

In October of 2012, my father (then 56), my mother (59, now deceased) and me (23), were rear ended by a semi-truck on the freeway of I-5 in Portland, Oregon. Now, the back end of the trailer rolled over the back of our car and jammed my father's hand into the steering wheel, my mom sustained neck injuries and I had my previous back injury seriously aggravated.

After the accident, we had no car and lived more than an hour away from my mom's cancer treatments. Our insurance wouldn't give us another because the truck company didn't take the blame and the truck company wouldn't give us one either. Because of this issue, instead of my father taking care of his own injuries, he ignored them and focused on getting my mom to her appointments somehow (usually by borrowing a friend's vehicle).

He couldn't get to his chiropractic appointments easily (for one 45 minute appointment, public transportation would take over 6 hours of commute time to muster through). Since his right hand went through the steering wheel and smashed into the dashboard (which was a soft tissue injury), the injury has sped up his arthritis dramatically. I can tell because only his right hand is having the problem. After a few months PTSD kicked in for my father, making him paranoid about vehicles, being hit by a semi and just being near cars, making it almost impossible for him to purchase a new vehicle which was sorely needed.

We had no money for another reliable vehicle and were forced to wait for a settlement from loss of vehicle which was settled at the time of my mother's case as well (unfortunately, this came after my mother's passing in February).

Even with the cash to make a purchase, the PTSD kept my father from committing to any vehicle he looked for on craigslist. He would not buy a new car. This paranoia is crushing him, and yet, he wont talk to the counselor that our attorney has lined up for him for various reasons and excuses.

Now, here's my question (well, his really, he just doesn't know how to use the internet):

If the PTSD is confirmed to be from the accident, and his injuries and confirmed and accounting for pain and suffering, how much should he be asking for in terms of settlement money?

If more information is needed, please ask.

Thank you.

Ailynevensen Ailynevensen
22-25, F
Jul 11, 2012