Mostly Minor Ones

The last accident I was in wasn't serious. No one was injured, neither vehicle was too badly damaged, and I wasn't the driver so my insurance wasn't going to skyrocket. My sister was driving that time, and we were just getting off the freeway. I think someone's truck had broken down in the right lane (which we were in at the time) and so everyone was trying to get into that left exit lane so that we could all get off the freeway before the light turned red. As she was attempting to get into that free lane, another car darted in front of us even though there was almost no room to squeeze in. She hit the brakes to avoid hitting him.
There was that odd moment when I knew we were about to get rear ended by the car behind us. I just wasn't surprised when it happened. Not at all. What surprised me was how quickly my sister jumped out of the car and tried to take off after the car that had cut us off. When I looked at the open driver's side door, it seemed barely cracked open since it was blocked by a rail. I wondered how the hell she managed to squeeze out of the car to hop that wall and take off after another car (which was at that time stopped by the light).
I went after her.
"What the hell are you doing?" I shouted after her. She didn't know what kind of person she was trying to confront. Some people are crazy. They see you coming after them aggressively, and they aren't going to be cool about it. As far as I could see, no one was injured. I didn't want that to change.
"He caused an accident!" she shouted back at me.
I tried to get her to go back to the car so we could get it out of everyone's way.
The guy got out of his car, but he was a lot calmer than she was. He agreed to wait for the cops with the rest of us who were involved, but it was obvious he shouldn't have been there in the first place. He might have caused her to slam on her brakes, but she managed to avoid hitting him. The fault was with the guy who crashed into the back of her car. He didn't allow himself enough distance, didn't brake quickly enough, to avoid the accident. We managed to stop and the people behind him managed to as well; just, not him.
I kind of figured I'd get into an accident eventually if I drove with her. She's got a nasty driving record. Two cars totaled and an interesting collection of speeding tickets (she's a cop magnet and was even stopped by a cop while walking once). At least the car wasn't totaled in that accident since I was in there.
itworkedintheory itworkedintheory
Jul 26, 2012