I rear Ended a car with a Pregnant Lady in it. I was devasted!!

This how it began: I was driving in December weather, a little cold, road was wet. I was doing 60 km/h and the 3rd Car ahead of me slammed on their breaks and then it just snowballed from there. Unfortunatly, I was the only one that hit anyone else. It all just happend so fast, I just locked up my car, and the car just slid into the rear end of the car ahead of me.

So I ran out, and a man jumped out of the driver seat and I asked what happend, and if everyone was okay. He ran around to the passenger seat and opened the door. He said "I'm okay, but my wife is 6 months pregnant".  I started to bawl! I was so upset. My car's front end was smashed to the windshield. But I was okay, thank god for my air bag.  So, I called my husband to come and get me, he finally arrvied. The ambulance carried the lady to the E.R. and we followed them. We waited at the E.R unti the Dr. told everyone that everything was okay.~ Thank goodness.That was the worst experience I have ever had. I was so upset! of course as you can imagine. But turns out, everything went okay and she had a the baby and everything was fine!

I hope I never have to go thru that ever again!

oscaines oscaines
26-30, F
Apr 27, 2007