I Crashed My Car In the Canadian Rockies

I was driving with my boyfriend from Calgary to Victoria, BC. It was November 30th of this year. The Canadian Rockies are dangerous this time of year because the weather is unpredictable. There was blowing snow and icy conditions. Lots of semi-transport trucks flipped on their sides on the sides of the highways. There are no lights guiding you along the highway, just pitch black darkness. I was driving through a tunnel of snow it seemed, in my little Toyota Yaris. I saw the outline of red lights of a semi in front of me, so I slowed down to about 60km/h. The truck was stationary. The driver was waiting to get into a brake-check. I crashed right into him.

My boyfriend was sleeping and woke up with the crash. After it happened I vaguely remember what I did or how I felt. I've tried to erase it from my memory. My car was totalled. The front end crumpled up like a fragile little piece of tissue paper. The smell of burning rubber was the worst. The stereo was still playing. Snow was falling on the car and steam was rising from the engine.

We got out of the car and that's when I realized my injury. I couldn't move my legs without severe pain and spasms. My boyfriend had a bloody nose.


We waited for the ambulance in a truck driver's cab. We ended up going to a hospital in a town 60 km away. I had two fractures in my sacrum and needed to stay in acute care for the next two weeks. My boyfriend's parents came to get him and took him home to his hometown on Vancouver island.

We haven't seen each other since. We miss each other so much though. I think the experience has made us closer, even though we're so far apart.

I still can't believe we both escaped death...sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had been driving faster....

Please be careful. Always.

angelali angelali
26-30, F
Apr 29, 2007