Speeding Reckless

My name is Maria and my story is quite simple..Buckle your seatbelt and don't speed the car..especially on dirt roads. This is how my story began.

It's been awhile but I think it was Sept 09 that my friends and I went up into the mountains to visit a friends house. These are very high mountains,small dirt roads, and when you look off the edge you see it go's down quite a long ways with nothing but tree's.

I'm making it clear there was no drinking at all..just speeding idiots..here's what happened.

On the way back we blasted the music and cracked open cans of soda.I remember drinking Pepsi..my friend Violet was in the passenger seat and she had a seatbelt on,she was drinking Mountain Dew. My other friend Mark was driving but no seatbelt on. I myself sat in the backseat in the middle with no seatbelt.

Our friends drove in a car behind us and I remember Violet saying they sure were kicking up alot of dust on the dirt road. The music was pounding everything seemed light and fun..there was no worries..the speed of the car increased. I laughed, Mark and Violet laughed. I remember saying "Faster Mark faster! let's beat them to the end".I can still remember the song playing on the radio. Linkin Park - Bleed it out

This moment is stuck in my mind..I glanced back at the other car..then I glance forward and saw the speed dial says it's mid 50's almost 60's. The Likin park song plays on 'Bleed it out ,dig it deeper,just to throw it away' Suddenly there's a feeling of a great tug and shrug from the car. Mark is yelling "sh-t! sh-t!". repeatedly. His hands scramble madly on the steering wheel. Violet lets out a gasp. I look out the front window and the car is obviously swearing left and right for grip on the dirt road. I feel myself slide to one side and quickly grasp the emergency car handle above me

Moments flash through my mind. What will my mother think? it's not fair cause we did not even drink. Why did I encourage Mark to speed up? oh god I'm gonna die a horrid wreck just like the cars in the Fast&Furious movies. What If we go off the cliff? In the next second I feel sorta airborne,my head hits the roof and everything for one brief moment go's black.

I come to laying on the other end of the back seat. In the seconds of opening my eyes..I see multiple things. First is that the car is now on it's side with the drivers side facing the ground. I see Mark climbing out the drivers side window which is now busted. His hands are all scratched up..I remember that..Violet is climbing upwards out her window to safety. I remember her saying she'd get help..I answered in a croak for her not to leave me. .

Everything hurts. My back aches,my head aches,my legs ache, my belly aches. I stumble up and climb out the top after Violet. The other car of friends has arrived and one of them helps me out. As soon as my feet touch the ground the shock sets in and I begin screaming and screaming. Violet grabs my shoulders says to calm down,sit down and calm down. I'm still screaming but then sit down. Suddenly I feel nauseous and barf up my Pepsi soda from earlier. People are calling on phones and running around. I get to my feet and sit down in the passenger seat of the other car..I'm in total shock.

Now some of this is blurry but I remember my friends trying to come up with a good story for what happened..the words "reckless speeding" are the big elephant in the room. Violet is worried about the silent shock I've now fallen into and repeatedly asks if I'm ok. After some time the cops and ambulance arrive and even though they try the cover story the cops obviously know it's bull. Mark has insurance on the car but he'll still be fined for neither I or him wearing seatbelts plus the speeding.

Out of the three of us I'm the one taken in the ambulance. My hitting head and later barfing a possible sign of concussion. I remember being so terrified in the ambulance ride down the mountain cause I was in a car again. Later I'm told that I'm in mild shock and have a mild concussion. That all my aches will most likely have bruises later and to take it easy. For days afterwards I will have nightmares of car wrecks and have a horrid time getting in a car. Every time I here the Linkin Park song 'Bleed it out' I'm terrified it's jinxed and something bad might go wrong

I never again went up that mountain rode & ever since I've always worn my seatbelt

I have always felt guilty..I was the one who said. "go faster!"..

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Glad your ok, dirt and gravel roads can be very dangerous