I am typing w my left hand only. This was my first accident. I just got home from the emergency room, I was there for like 7 hours. Thank God I wore my seatbelt. Mom tried to rush a left turn and we got hit. I was in the passenger side. I took the full hit. Terrifying.
No broken bones, one stitch. Ugh. Its gonna hurt like Btch tmorrow.
My chest is bruised from the seatbelt but im so happy bcuz if i didnt have that seat belt id have probably bumped around and got seriously hurt!


I still can't stop shaking.
studentfrommars studentfrommars
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4 Responses Aug 16, 2012

Aww! I'm ok now, thanks. But I still get a little anxious whenever I have to ride in a car.

wow are you ok ?

Ouch, that sounds really bad, but I do hope that you get better. And I'm happy that you didn't get hurt that much.