Lucky To Get Help!

I am a relatively new driver and I got hit last month. I was hit in the bumper, and I really thought that it wasn't my fault, but the other driver kept insisting that it was. That made me think about it over and over and before long I started thinking that it was my fault too. In hindsight, it was just because I am new and not very confident yet. Anyways, after the accident I started looking online for information because I didn't know what to do at all. I had no idea how to deal with ICBC (the government insurance company here in British Columbia, Canada), and was just overall pretty scared. I managed to find some articles about how to prepare for ICBC and finally was able to present my case and fight both ICBC and the other driver. My advice to the other new drivers out there is that in case of an accident, DON'T PANIC. Just take in as much information as possible. Anyways, the site that I found was The articles are pretty useful as to how to what I needed to know to prepare for ICBC. I hope that it helps the next guy like it helped me get my car fixed.
daynetien10 daynetien10
18-21, M
Sep 14, 2012