My 5 Roll Over Ejection Accompied By Dying 2 Times And A 3 Week Coma.

This is my first time ever writing this so please bare with me

There I was on vacation in California enjoying myself at a Foo Fighters concert like any other 18 year old. The concert ended around midnight and the 4 of us who were on the trip had work the next morning. At midnight of this night, a 5 hour drive to Las Vegas, NV, began. The driver began falling asleep. I noticed this as I was napping myself and felt sudden jerks here and there. I thought nothing of it or did not care enough at the time to say anything about it. The remainder of the story will be told from others viewpoints and my own recollection.

The car began to veer off the road at a slow pace, this awoke the driver in a state of frenzy. She over-corrected the car maneuvering us off the I-15 Freeway over a dirt hill, into a trench. At this time I was the only passenger not wearing a seatbelt. From the police report, I have concluded that the car began a forward spiral after impact on the front left side and furthermore made contact 5 times against the ground covering 1/3 of a mile. During this time My body came out of the right-rear passenger door. Exiting the vehicle I received a strong impact of the cars entire weight on my pelvic region. My body was then further torn by the rocky terrain as I roll breaking almost every bone in my body. The 3 other passengers remained in the vehicle for the accident and 2 of them found my body as soon as possible. The other passenger was my sister whom received an ample amount of damage to her right ankle and was unconscious. From what I remember or am told I layed at the scene with my midsection crushed bleeding heavily internally, my right femur broke in two, broken shoulder, face, hip, arm you name it. All I can remember, (and this may be a dream) is laying there helpless covered in blood screaming for help. I was airlifted by Mercy Air for $18,000 and given 13 units of blood or something. I died 2 times on the way to the hospital.

The next thing I remember is waking up to a catheter being pulled out of my penis 2-3 weeks later (after a week who's counting right?) the pain and shock was so excruciating, I had a semi-non coherent action of slapping the nurse who was responsible (Sorry!). I then fell asleep. The next time I awoke I apparently turned to my mother who had been by my side for weeks praying for my recovery, and I said "hey mom can you go next door im trying to get some sleep". At the time I was under multiple medications I had no clue what I was thinking! Later I woke up to realize my vocals had dropped significantly. I thought I sounded like one of those fat Italians in mobster movies. Here I should explain why this shocked me so much: Im white, 6'4", skinniest kid ive ever known, semi-high pitched voice. Here I am waking up,covered in scars and I sound like Al Pacino, shocking. Now I tell my mom "Eh Ma, if my voice doesn't change back i'm going to streets and joining the mafia." I thought it was funny, good way to cope at the time.

 I spent 2 months in "recovery" (more like sitting all day waiting for my bones to heal). My first 3 weeks I spent in the lap of luxury, a nice rehabilitation facility with a free soda bar. FREE SODA BAR! Seeing as how I couldn't begin rehab for 2 months until my bones healed, my health insurance pulled me outta that place faster than ever. Placed me in a nursing home. Nursing home at 18! Bastards. My stay was okay the first week then I caught some bacterium known as "Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus" or MRSA. I thought nothing of it till I showed my sister a pimple I had popped on my leg and it looked a little weird(thank God because I almost lost my leg...again). Long story short Im RUSHED to the ER thinking "Really?" Im laying here on a stretcher eating ice cream and I swear I think they put me in front of a guy missing half an arm. Doctor comes in asks my name and immediately turns with this ninja strike holding a blood culture swab(big, BIIIG Q-tip) and JAMS it in the hole in my leg where the MRSA pimple resided. I screamed, not from pain, from shock, the tissue inside my leg was already dead. Anyway for the next 2 weeks my leg was "stuffed" with LONG strips of cotton using tweezers. When I got back to the nursing home the nurse failed administering me an IV 3 times and wasted $400 of antibiotics, I was PISSED. My time at Life Care Centers was not missed.

With all this "saved" money I guess my insurance was feeling generous as they then granted me a pass to the mack daddy of all rehabilitation facilities "of course with thanks to my mother". I made it my duty to recover as quickly as possible. I turned into a brute force stopping all pain medication and requesting twice the rehabilitation. Week later I left the hospital with luggage in one hand, cane in the other, and some nice shades. Since then I have had about 5-7 surgeries, I cannot exactly remember how many. I still have 7 pins/2plates in my hip and a metal rod in my leg held by two screws. The pain in my leg is minimal, but noticeable. I have read many stories of getting the metal removed and I am still between that or keeping it. I need to start a retirement account ASAP as I no longer have insurance. My credit is shot from medical bills and i'm awaiting their disappearance in about 3 more years. If anyone would like to donate to my future medical costs you are very welcome. I have had a great recovery but I see much pain in the future without the proper treatment.

Lol I sound like a begger. Im just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experiance and if so id like to know.

and something else. My former friend of 10 years, (things became difficult after he developed an obvious cocaine problem) heard about my accident the day it happened, asked my mom to come see me and she alowed it. He showed up at the hospital all shaky and jitzed out of his mind. She comes home to the house robbed and destroyed. about $13,000 worth which he will need to pay when he gets out of prison in about a month. Thought I would just include that as I feel its kind of a shocker. I didnt find out about it till 2 months after being home fully recovered.

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That is absolutely insane. I think we both live in San Diego, my accident occurred on the 94 west but I was extremely lucky to have been barely injured. I hope you remain positive and happy, make good friends, and keep your loved ones close to you because that's all that matters. Money, cars, and everything else comes after.