August 27, 1994...12:26 A.m.

was the date and time of my car accident.

I was in a Ford Mustang, a backseat passenger, a former co-worker of mine was driving, my husband was in the passenger seat.

My husband and I were moving to California the next week and my friend wanted to spend some alone time with the two of us so she wanted to take us for a little drive to a secluded spot she found that she said she would just stop and look at the stars.

We agreed...we knew she had been out at a nightclub but she didn't sound, look or smell drunk.  I smelled her breath and all I could smell was the stench of her cigarettes.

Anyway...we stopped off at a gas station, she and my husband bought some beer, I bought a soda...I was 22 weeks pregnant, so no drinking for me.

We drove out to the place she was talking about and I told her as long as she gave me the keys when we were ready to leave, she could drink while we were out there...she agreed.  Stupid me, I should not have trusted her and taken the keys right then and there.

Well, we were ready to leave after a couple of hours and I asked her for the keys...she denied and threatened to leave me out there in the middle of nowhere.  I didn't know what to do.  I didn't know where I was and she wouldn't give me my shoes back which were inside the car, so I would have been left in the country, no coat, no shoes....just stranded.

Well, she agreed to let me drive when we got closer to town....we never made it.

I started to get real scared when she almost missed a turn and came within an inch or two of hitting a stop sign but still she wouldn't stop the car and let me drive, nor would she let me out, she just kept driving.

We came up on an S-curve on the country road and I noticed she was going faster and faster...I looked over to her and her head was down...I think she had literally dozed off.

I yelled at her..."Kim, watch out!!!", she woke up (she claims she dropped her cigarette...with her eyes closed I guess), she caught the car as it almost drove off the first part of the curve, but overcorrected and hit the gravel on the side of the road and headed straight off the other side.

I remember seeing the headlights go down into the ditch, I said "Oh God, please don't let this happen!", then I felt the impact and heard the sickening sound of the car hitting and crunching and I felt myself fly forward into the dash and windshield.

I was told that I flew in between Kim and my husband, he said he remembers seeing me, then I flew back out through the back window.  According to the paramedics and the police on scene, from the initial point of impact, I flew 60 feet into the cornfield and took out about three rows of corn with my body.

The next thing I remember is waking up with this tremendous pain in my head, my left knee and two spots with an awful burning sensation behind my right knee and the middle of my back.

I thought I had broken my leg...I couldn't move it or stand on it.  I had blood and mud in my face and hair.  My knee was bloodied and was gashed open.  I felt behind my right let and pushed a spring away from me, which was very hot, not to mention trying to move myself away from the scalding hot exhaust that was laying close to my back (which ended up leaving a heat burn in the center of my back).

I tried to get up but had to drag my left leg and steady myself and try to see clearly while I walked out of the cornfield I landed in.

I remember hearing Kim scream...I saw the car, crushed beyond all belief...I slowly made my way over to it, looked inside and didn't see anyone.  I called for my husband, he was up and walking around, Kim was laying in the ditch with a cut along the back of her leg and she was crying.

A car came driving along the road but of course didn't stop but luckily not too long after, someone else came along and they went to the house that was about 5 miles down the road which just happened to belong to a volunteer EMT.

They made the appropriate calls and rushed down to help us.  I remember hearing one of them saying that they were suprised we were still alive and that I was the worse and needed to get to the hospital asap.

I kept falling asleep which they wouldn't let me...they kept telling me I had massive head injuries and needed to stay awake...they told my husband to try and reassure me all would be okay and that I needed to stay awake.

We got the the hospital, which we had awful care.  My leg ended up not being broken but my knee was out of place along with my hip.  It was severely out of joint and it hurt like h*ll to get it back.

My head needed stitches in three places.  Over 3 dozen total.  I now have migraines which I suffer from practically daily and have soft spots on my head.

My left knee is damaged.  I can no longer play sports or walk for very long due to the injury which was never properly cared for.  They didn't even bother to stitch it up and the way it healed was not pretty.  Granted it's now only about an inch long scar left but it could have healed better if they stitched it and properly cleaned it.

The baby, you may remember me saying I was pregnant with...well, they asked me if I thought I was pregnant when they first started working on me in the hospital and I said yes....they did their tests and gave me a sonogram both topical and vaginal and all they said was, "Well, you're not pregnant anymore."....very tactful, weren't they?

I will never forget that day.

It was the worst ever. 

Not only because it happened but mainly because it feels like it was just yesterday, especially the vividness of seeing the headlights head straight down into the ditch, me begging "Oh God, please don't let this happen" and then feeling the initial impact.

That was my accident....almost 13 years ago and I still suffer from it physically, not so much mentally or emotionally anymore...I can actually take a ride in a car without using the oh crap handles or digging my nails into the dash, door or seats.

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wow my heart go's out to you

What a terrible experience. Some friend she was!!!