Most Dangerous Road.

In the summer of '88 I was 18 and got a job with a family friend in a nearby town called Rio Vista. I lived in Fairfield at the time and the road connecting the two towns was one of the most dangerous in the state. It was two lanes undivided with quite a lot of hills. A lot of trucks traveled the road and there was limited places to pass. As a result a lot of idiots tried passing on the hills and met oncoming traffic head on, at high speed.

I knew the dangers of the road but it was Friday morning, a payday and I was already thinking about the weekend. The sun was in my eyes and as I approached the turn off I tried to cut the corner a bit. Just then something very strange happened. There was a loud bang and the pick-up truck I was driving came to a sudden and amazingly violent stop. My sunglasses and hat flew off. I had NO idea what had happened until I looked up and saw the other wrecked car. The other guy was also headed to work going about 60 when I turned right in front of him. He had nowhere to go and no time to react. I was incredibly stupid and came really close to killing some poor guy who was only trying to get to work. I was lucky as hell he was wearing a seat belt.

The fire department came along with the police, both of whom knew my boss and knew me. The firefighter (fire chief for the town) was convinced, upon seeing my truck, that I was dead. My mother was called, who called my dad. They drove so fast to the hospital they passed the ambulance I was in.

I wasn't hurt too bad. No broken bones. I had cuts and bruises but basically walked away.

krool1969 krool1969
46-50, M
Jan 16, 2013