For the longest time, I've thought that most cars comes with anti-collision sensor. You know, one that prevents itself from colliding with other automobiles. Silly, I know. I also used to have a severe case of insomnia. But that doesn't stop me from falling asleep when I'm on the road. So you can see where I'm going with this.

My first accident happened when I was on the offramp of a 405 exit(LA). I went from 50 to 0 in 1.5 seconds. It wasn't the brake that stop me however, it was the rear of a 10-wheeler. Totaled my Toyota. I laughed so hard when I got out because there wasn't even a dent on the truck. Ever since then, I believe subconsciously, I had a vendetta against trucks because I got into 3 more accident with trucks. One of which totaled my other car. While the other worth dwelling into however.

Remember that scene from Fast and Furious, where one of the rice burner went underneath the truck. I did that by accident, was in the zzz-land. The front of my sedan got totally  squished. Surprising I was able to drive home with it.

Gosh, I need a nap.
kotatenk kotatenk
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1 Response May 29, 2007

Wow, thats some accident history! At least you have some funny-now-but-not-at-the-time stories to tell. Good luck with dealing with your insomnia, that seems to be the root of the issue.