I've Been In Two...

One, I was in the passenger seat, my mom was driving. 

She took a left turn, legally. There was a bus waiting to turn left opposite of us.  A car, didn't car to slow down and hit our car.  It hit right in front of the passenger door, causing our car to spin a complete circle.

The tail end of our car, hit the car that initially hit us again, which caused our car to stop. The car was in the opposite lane, completely turned the opposite direction as to where it initially was before she made the turn.

When the car stopped, my mom and I both went towards the center of the car, bumping heads pretty hard.  I literally saw stars.

I also banged my knees on the dash, she screwed up her hand from gripping the wheel too tight.  Fortunately we were both wearing our seatbelts.

The guy came running out of his car, yelling at us as if it was our fault.  My mom was able to get out of the car alright.  My door was stuck shut.  I had to crawl to the backseat and go out the back door in order to get out.  I was crying at this time, not because I was hurting, but because I knew the car wasn't in good shape.

I loved that car.  An 87 (if I remember correctly) Honda.  Nice little car, ran well. 

Well, it was totalled.
I suffered my first full blown concussion from that accident.  I figure it's because my moms head hit the softer part of my temple.  Looking back, that was an interesting experience within itself.

Another time,  my husband's parents were taking my husband and I home (they lived near by and just picked us up instead of us driving over to their home for dinner).   We were in a PT Cruiser.

Out of nowhere, this car in the other lane, came skidding towards our car.  It was like slow motion. I braced myself but I wasn't quite quick enough. I ended up flying towards the door and banged my head on the window.  My father in law ended up getting a burn from the seat belt,  my husband and my mother in law were fine.

I had been having severe neck pains previous to this accident.  So, when the ambulance showed up, I was told I should just get it checked out, just in case.  I had to get the neck brace, and be put on a gerny (sp?).   What a pain.   I started to wish I hadn't agreed to it.   The brace made it so I could only view so much.  It took some control away from me.

Got to the hospital, they put me in a hall, I ended up sitting there for what seemed like forever.  I was getting bored and feeling pretty humiliated with the brace on my neck.  I am sure I looked much much worse than I actually felt.  I could tell especially when my mother in law saw me and about started crying.  I assured her that I was fine, that this was just for procedure.  Finally, someone came along and "released" me.

Would you believe I still don't wear my seatbelt on a regular basis?
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36-40, F
Jun 1, 2007