I Was Horseriding

I was riding a horse and leading another one up a hill when some young lad on his motorbike came round the corner way too fast. I was terrified and prepared for the worst, the guy swerved to the right, missed me and hit the horse that I was leading. I looked behind me and the bike was on its side in the hedge and the guy was on the road. He got up and asked if I was ok which I was but the horse had a gash on its chest and a deep cut to its leg. Blood was dripping from the horse which was traumatised and I tried to calm it down. By this time a car had pulled up behind me, a woman got out to look and asked if the horse was ok. I exchanged phone numbers with the guy who was white as a sheet but said he was fine and we went our seperate ways. I walked the two horses home slowly and the vet came out to stitch up the wounds. The horses didn't belong to me and it turned out that the owner knew the guy who hit me and she was furious. It shook me up a lot and I hope that the guy on the bike will go slower from now on. People on the roads just do not respect horses these days.

thesoundofsilence thesoundofsilence
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 5, 2007

shame on him!