I've Been In a Car Accident Twice In the Past Year

I had one accident yesterday, and one exactly a year and four days after the other. June isn't my month! (Ha.)

Both were my fault, I guess, but the first one must've been equal fault 'cause we didn't get a ticket or anything. The first time, a lady t-boned me in my driver's side and I rolled before coming back upright in the median. Nobody knew how I got out of there alive, and not only that, all I had was a few scratches and a lotta bruises. Nothing broken or anything. I was really lucky, but the guilt was killing me--the lady who hit me was diabetic, 8 1/2 months pregnant, a preacher's daughter, and a navy wife. Wow. Luckily, everyone was okay.

Then we got a new car. Well, I wrecked that one too, in an accident almost identical to the first--except this time I had the presence of mind to stop before she ended up hitting me further towards my seat. She sheared half of my front end off, and I felt terrible about it--I have no idea why I was so...man. The officer at the scene of the second accident said that she'd gotten into the exact same accident and everything, and she too had been at fault, but it had toughened her up in a lot of ways. I was glad to know that it wouldn't kill my chances for being in LE.

The first car, a caravan, was totaled beyond question, but thank God--this second one looks like it's going to be okay. I still feel really bad about it, and I'm really sorry for messing up the car. I don't ever want to make a left turn again, but I know I'm going to have to! I'll just make sure to look left 5 or 6 times before I turn--and I have to learn to NOT rely on people when they wave you ahead.

Lane Lane
18-21, F
Jun 7, 2007