All words that describe how I have felt these last couple of weeks since my car accident.

I keep reliving it in my head and seeing the car I hit as I realized it was too late to stop. It was like slow motion yet at lightening speed.

Now I am terrified to drive and even be a passenger sometimes. My family wants me to get a new car NOW. But I am not wanting to go anywhere.

Also worried to death about money-insurance and all that ugly stuff.

Has anyone been in a situaion like this or, felt this way before? I need help and advise.


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I was in a car accident last March and i was the front seat passenger, my best friend was driving and my other friend was in the back seat. The driver failed to give way as we were turning the corner and merging into a one way lane which lead onto a bridge. The car hit the median ***** and launched, mid air, into a truck on the opposite side of the road. Our car rolled 2 times and landed upside down, it was a complete ride off. I was not seriously hurt but my best friend was in hospital for 2 months with a broken pelvis and sever facial injuries. After the accident, i did not cry. I found this hard to comprehend because i'm usually an emotional person. I think i was just traumatized, but mostly i felt guilty for being sad when i knew how lucky i was to be alive. I can really relate to your fear of driving and being a passenger. I am only 17 and have just started driving but i am afraid each time i get behind the wheel. Every time i am a passenger in a car, i find myself watching the driver's every move and i get a sickening feeling in my stomach when the car turns a corner or speeds up. I just want this feeling to go away, i'm so sick of being scared that it will happen again.

I was hit head on in a hit and run July 2005 - I've never been the same since but I do drive and I got a big truck this time. I feel so much better in it than the little car I had. My daughter made me take her big 2 1/2 ton truck - it's a monster to herd around but I feel safer. I'm glad you didn't get seriously injured. I now have arthritis that travels all over my body from joint to joint - I never know when or why I'm going to be in pain. And, the guy got away with it. I saw him run out of his car. He did it on purpose.

Yes, I am grateful for the fact that I do not have serious injuries. But those are physical we are talking about there. I am mentally broken. I cry all the time. My husband is superficially supportive but not compassionate. I just feel like maybe it would have been better if I hadn't made it. This is torture.

It may be that you just need to drive around in a parking lot for awhile to get your confidence back. At least you aren't seriously hurt!