Rear Ended a Parked Car

About 2 weeks ago, I was reversing my car. Without realising, I hit another parked car in the back. It was my fault. I thought that there was a minor scratch on the rear of the other car. However, the owner told me that it is not just the scratch; Even the trunk of the car has been affected - one side of it is not flushed even now. I don't know if it happened due to the accident or was it like it before the accident. Now the owner of the car wants to get it fixed at my Insurance company's expense. Not sure if I should fight it out or just let him have his way. He took the car to the body shop and repair estimates are about $800. Any suggestions??
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2 Responses Jun 21, 2007

Hey. I know exactly what you are experiencing. I was at work one night when a friend called from my house wanting me to drop by wal-mart on the way home. After working the evening shift, closing up the store, I was a little anxious to get home by the time I got to wally world. Long story short, I bumped into a car just like you. What I wanted you to know, you may already know this, but if you have comprehension, your rates won't go up, or if it's less than a grand it typically doesn't go up. As for any way to prove you didn't bump into the guy so hard, well without witnesses, you're probably stuck with the bill. The thing is, as you know, cars are not made of much anymore so it's easy to rake up a grand in a parking lot, unfortunately! Hope things work out in your favor!

Maybe I am just cynical, but it seems like you couldn't have caused to much damage with a low speed bump. However, if its not going to affect your insurance rate (at least not too badly) then it may not be worth the headache of contesting.