The Care Giver That Should of Paid the Bill . Leave the Angecy


My understand the care giver would pay for this bill.

And she quit the job.

And then the Agecy I was going through told me that I had to pay for it.

And I and alot of people did not think that was right.

So I called Medicare and told them that i was getting the bill to pay .

And she said that is not right.

I have been dealing with that.

And alot of people tell me he has to pay.

It was hard for me it took alot of corgage to do that.

I feel for you if you been in accident and I finally got hold of my insurance and see if I had to pay for it.

Will see if the Agnecy will pay for it.

And I am pack up my packages and move on.


lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
Feb 25, 2009