What a Day..

It happened about a week before I turned 5, although I remember it very well. My dad died in a car accident less than a month before it.

Late evening; mam driving; me, my brother and my sister as passengers. Motorbike attemps to overtake us; crashes into the right side of the car [right hand drive]; motorbike is thrown across the road. My family were fine, very shaken up though. Whiplash. Guy on motorbike VERY injured. It turned out he actually sued our insurance, not sure how that worked though.

Anyway, he's okay now, and we're okay now. It was a long time ago and had no hugely awful impact on our lives in general.

My main memeory from it all is a very sad one. After the accident, everything from the car was put into a black plastic bag and sent to the police station, where we could later collect it. However, I had had a small teddy [one of those gift-type ones that come in a gift bag] left on the back window, i loved that teddy. He somehow got lost in all of the commontion.

I had a nightmare about that road the other day! In fact, I shall write about it now.

Everyone's okay, so, that's the most important thing, right?
bulletinmybutterflywing bulletinmybutterflywing
18-21, F
Aug 13, 2007