During My Driving Test!

I have only ever been in one car accident. Unfortunately, I got into it during the test to get my license. I was nearing the end of my test and only had to make a left-hand turn, drive down the street a few hundred feet, and park the car in the license branch parking lot. I came up to the left-hand turn, elated, and not paying a bit of attention. As I was making the turn, the examiner screamed out, "OH MY GOD!" and I looked and saw a car coming right at me.

We collided and it took forever to clean up. The examiner had been testing people for twenty years and I was the first person who had ever gotten into an accident during the test with her. It caused about $17,000 worth of damage and I was terrified of driving again. It took me six months to get back behind the wheel. Eventually I got my license and I haven't been in an accident since.
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2 Responses Aug 14, 2007

this happened to me last week. how did you deal with it?

Holy cow! Hopefully you weren't hurt.